Slideshows in EDMs (Electronic Direct Mailing)


Many from marketing & communications departments asked me whether they could include a slideshow in EDMs. They even go as far as sending me fantastic reference websites with slideshow examples.Javascript

Unfortunately, email browsers will ignore all slideshows on websites use Javascript technology for security reasons; so any effects you see that uses Javascript is not available in emails such as embedding video players, forms, etc.

Animated-GIFs in EDMs

The only possible way to include a pseudo-slideshow effect in an EDM is to use animated-GIFs.  In addition, you can read more about Animated-GIFs here:-

However the issue with animated-GIFs is that you can only use a maximum of 256 colours and the images tend to be quite big so it would take a while to download. So we generally do not advise the use of animated-GIFs as a somewhat ugly workaround.