Optimising Open Rates for Electronic Direct Mailing (EDMs)

I am constantly asked by clients about ways to improve open rate when sending out EDMs (Electronic Direct Mailing). In this article I want to talk solely about the timing of sending out email campaigns.

Avoid Weekends

Unless you are sending a reminder Electronic Direct Mailing for a same day event that falls on the weekend then this is not the time for sending out Electronic Direct Mailings. The main reason is that people will likely get it on Monday when they are back in the office. And they will deluged with a pile of emails that they need to weed through. Under such circumstances, the chances of your email getting deleted without being opened will be significantly higher.

Avoid Middle of the Night

Obviously, people are less likely to check emails in the middle of the night and the most likely time they will have a chance to go through their mailboxes will be when they wake up or get to the office. At which time, they would probably have received a lot of unimportant emails which would be systematically deleted.

Best Times

There are a number of times during the day when you can consider sending out Electronic Direct Mailings and they include late morning, lunch time and afternooneven early evening is not a bad time as people want to nod off work but can’t so they are more likely to open your Electronic Direct Mailings.